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  • Emily Richardson

Sunflower Fest 2019

Updated: Jan 21, 2020


Sunflower Fest 2019 was nothing short of a success. Our third annual Sunflower Fest proved to be our best thus far. Having record ticket sales and completely selling out the week of the event! On the evening of July 27th we were blessed to be able to host ~250 attendees in our Greenhouse to have raised nearly 2,500 dollars for the White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company.

Guests enjoyed a night full of feel-good summer music, amazing food and dessert made by our kitchen, a full beer and wine bar run by our amazing bartenders, and great fundraising activities! We were able to give away over 20 door prizes, have multiple 50/50 raffles, and gave away almost 400 cut sunflowers that are grown right on our farm! All proceeds were used as Donations to White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company!

Events like these take a lot of work and coordination between every department in our market and on our farm. We love to be able to host members of our community at our farm and really show them what our business is capable of. All of the event planning, menu planning, event set up, food prep, food serving, decor, bar tending, and fundraising is done by us! It becomes an added bonus to us when we are able to work with a local organization ,like White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company, to help give back!

We are very excited to continue this event in the coming years! Make sure to keep up with us on our website and social media to see other events we will be working on!


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